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Marjorie Firmin

Bilingual Tutor, Consultant & Writer

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A Definition of Success

Posted by Marjorie Firmin on May 24, 2014 at 7:50 PM

How do you define “success?”



"If you answered something like, 'making a ton of money,' or “having a big house and fancy car,” or “owning a multimillion dollar company and dominating your industry,” you are thinking WAY too small.


Success is NOT about what you have – it’s about HOW you FEEL.


  • If you wake up every morning excited to dive into what the day holds in store for you – THAT is success.
  • If your heart overflows with joy because of the open and loving relationships you have with the people in your life – THAT is success.



If you:


  • Look into the mirror and love the person staring back at you…
  • Know that you have the skills and talent you need to achieve any goal you desire…
  • Live your life in alignment with your highest beliefs and make a positive difference in the world…




… THAT is success..."


"True success enriches all areas of your life and helps you become your best self..."

~Jack Canfield

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