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Marjorie Firmin

Bilingual Tutor, Consultant & Writer

Tutora, Consultora y escritora Bilingüe

Credentials: Why are they important?

Credentials are the qualifications, achievements, personal qualities, or aspects of a person's background, typically when used to indicate that they are suitable for something. They are important because they tell your potencial clients or employers that you are dedicated to your profession enough to keep learning and doing extra work in addition to whatever is required of you. Credentials also tell them that you are qualified, or have had enough life experience to share and/or teach. They also tell of the personal and financial commitment you have toward your continuing education, and to your field, and that all the knowledge, wisdom, and 

life experience that you have acquired can add much value to your clients, your company, your students, or your employer. Therefore, don't be shy when sharing your expertise. Credentials give you credibility!

Professional Credentials:

I am a bilingual educator (English-Spanish), and speak both languages fluently. My qualifications include:

  • More than fifteen years of experience teaching Spanish and English as a Second Language in various classroom settings.
  • Tutoring Spanish for individuals or small groups in different fields including, but not limited to, Spanish for Business, Spanish for Travelers, Spanish for Christian Missionaries...
  • Tutoring English as a Second Language to individuals
  • Experience with modern student-centered teaching techniques, curriculum development and implementation of technology in the classroom.
  • Writing and publishing books



  • THE LIFE COACHING ACADEMY: Continuing Education courses on Professional Coach ICF, including Certicate IV in Life Coaching. LCA is Australia's foremost Life Coach Training organization. They help recognize my true gifts and where they add value in the world. They help me master the art of connecting those gifts to my career as an Independent Consultant and writer. If we could see ourselves with perfect objectivity, we would not need training. But we can't. We need trained eyes to help us maximize our gifts. We need real time feedback to reveal our true potential. 

2016—Continuing Education Course in CREATIVE ENGLISH WRITING At The Rewley House, Oxford University

Click here to learn more about Oxford University Summer School for Adults 2016

I joined people from the UK, Europe and USA for an enjoyable, and serious study with some of the finest tutors in the country. For over 100 years the Oxford University Summer School for Adults (OUSSA) program has been making it possible for everyone to take advantage of the Oxford system of expert tuition in small groups. 


1990—1996: Louisiana State University—LSU, Baton Rouge, LA

* Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and Social Science

Extracurricular Involvement Included:

* International Foreign Language Honor Society: Phi Sigma Iota

* Education Honor Society: Kappa Delta Epsilon

1995—Spanish Student-Teacher –Woodlawn High School; Baton Rouge, LA

* Taught Spanish I and II. The total enrollment was one hundred forty-two students.

1987--Bradford School of Business, Houston, TX

*Diploma of Administrative Assistance and Secretarial Science: Included instruction in English/business communications, principles of business law, word processing and data entry, office machines operation and maintenance, office procedures, public relations, secretarial accounting, filing systems and records management, and report preparation. Received honors for attendance, grades, and professionalism while attending Bradford School of Business.

1984--Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

* Here I Study English as a Second Language. I think all universities still require students to take the TOEFL (or other similar test) as part of the pre-requisites to enter the university as an international student whose first language is other than English. The program helped me learn how to write for the required English Composition classes which are part of any college degree. The TOEFL nowadays is administered via the Internet, and it has four sections (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) which take a total of about four and a half hours to complete, including check-in. During the test, you are asked to perform tasks that combine more than one skill, such as: Read, listen and then speak in response to a question. Listen and then speak in response to a question. Read, listen and then write in response to a question. ESL courses challenged me intellectually and helped me grow. These courses taught me English language for academic success.

It Introduced me to elements of academic writing, grammar, and style.

Some of us, the international students were admitted to LSU despite low language proficiency and whose diagnostic test results indicated the need for intensive work in college composition. Not for degree credit. Required during the first semester of residence for all such qualified international students. English composition classes at this level emphasized usage and idiom problems specific to international students.

As graduates we are expected to conduct research-based inquiry, including articulation of complex disciplinary and interdisciplinary problems, effective evaluation and analysis of primary and secondary sources, and integration of relevant information into original discourse. These course taught me to recognize genre, to write to a specific audience about other writings, including paraphrase, summary, and synthesis, to read critically and self-edit my own grammar and style, to produce writing characterized by organization, unity, specific support, appropriate word choice, standard usage, and correct grammar, spelling, and mechanics. I also learned to collaborate with peers to create papers and improve writing, and to gather and use credible sources to inform an argument. They also taught me to position myself as a writer and researcher within an academic community, to read critically and analyze other writer's work, to produce college-level essays characterized by organization, unity, specific support, appropriate word choice, standard usage, and correct grammar and spelling. 


2006—2010 Parkview Baptist School

*Elementary Spanish K—5th Grade — Kids in the Spanish Enrichment Program learn not only fun things through interactive games, storytelling, and songs, they learn about Spanish culture. I taught Spanish with excitement and creativity, and brought my own Costa Rican culture into the classrooms. My kids loved it:)

2004—2005 Catholic High School, Baton Rouge, LA (I covered a Sabbatical Leave for one of the Spanish teachers)

*Spanish II and III

2001—2004 St. Joseph’s Academy, Baton Rouge, LA

*Spanish II and III Teacher -- In Spanish II, the emphasis was on mastering the remaining verb tenses. This course includes an in-depth study of vocabulary for real-life situations, student oral presentations and continued use of multimedia. In Spanish III, the emphasis is intense vocabulary building, conversation and advanced grammar. Students learn translation techniques and read simplified short stories, paraphrase them and answer questions based on the readings.

1999—2001 Episcopal High School, Baton Rouge, LA

*Spanish II and III Teacher -- This Spanish II class was an intermediate course designed for students who are continuing formal study of Spanish. At its completion, students were able to read, write, and converse in a variety of situational contexts using a richer context of vocabulary and more complex grammatical structure. While Spanish III was a more grammar-based study. At this level, the emphasis was in all areas of communication and comprehension with a focus on natural, effective communication. At its completion, students were able to read, write, and converse in a variety of situations using a deep context of vocabulary and complex grammatical structures to articulate their thoughts. They also were able to manipulate regular and irregular verbs in all tenses of the indicative mood, all forms of the imperative mood, and all tenses of the subjunctive mood.


1997—1999 -- South Boulevard Elementary, Baton Rouge, LA

*1st Grade, Spanish-Magnet-Immersion (Pilot) Program Teacher -- I was the first, 1st grade Immersion Teacher of this program created in 1996 with only Kindergarten. The immersion program was explicitly created (in conjunction with other magnet programs) by federal court order in 1996 in an attempt to address long-standing racial segregation in East Baton Rouge Parish (EBRP). Policymakers hoped that magnet programs would entice non-Black parents who had left the public system for private or suburban schools to return to public schools. In 1996, racial quotas were used to determine admission.

* Key Instructional Strategies: We integrated content and language instruction based on the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum that is used at all EBRP schools.

* We, the Spanish immersion teachers used Spanish versions of state-adopted textbooks. These texts were not available in Spanish, so we had to create our own materials or adapt previously-made materials to fit the Comprehensive Curriculum.

* We, immersion teachers, spoke Spanish freely and fluently to our English-speaking students.

* We used repetition, body language, gestures, facial expressions, and visuals to communicate unfamiliar content.


Summer job 2004—Epcot at Walt Disney World:

*I Won a “Take 5” Award in honor of my efforts to create a magical experiences for our Guests at Epcot.

Summer 2003-2005 — Summer Mission Trip to Honduras

*Chaperoned/ interpreted students and other teachers from St. Joseph's Academy and Catholic High School on mission trips to Honduras.


*I Contributed/Participated in the International Heritage Celebration in Baton Rouge, LA for several years.

September 1990 to November 1992

*I worked as a contractor for Scada Communications Systems, Inc.; Pensacola, FL: Translator/Interpreter— I performed a great deal of translation/interpretation in SCS’s pursuit of International sales in a new form of technology.

September 1987 to August 1990—McNaughton, Alonso, Leufven & Cersonsky; Houston, TX:

*Bilingual/Legal Assistant—Bankruptcy Law, Business Law, and Litigation: Translated/typed legal documents, dealt with the clerks of the courts; arranged schedules/appointments; kept records of unfilled time and processed billing.

July 1986—August 1987: Honorary Chancellor of the Consulate of Costa Rica in Houston, TX. I assisted the Consul with transcription and translation of documents and other office duties.

While I lived in Houston, TX, I was a member of the Institute of Hispanic Culture, and Host Family for the Institute of International Education-Southern Region—IIE Volunteer Services in Houston, TX.


"Imagination is more important than Intelligence."

~Albert Einstein 

I am a living proof of that statement!

I was raised by a poor single mother who was very naive. She was very abused by the men in her life. She chose men who used her and mistreated her. The result: She became harsh and resented. When I was eight, my mom married a man who perpetuated what she had learned to expect: more abuse and cruelty. By the age of nine I had been molested and sexually abused twice by irresponsible adults that were supposed to take care of me. But I knew there had to be a better place somewhere. A place where people knew how to love and respect you. But by age 16 I was repeating my mom's pattern of choosing the wrong men. I continued to be used and abused until I found myself trying to end it all. My attempt to commit suicide was a desperate cry for help. But no one understood it. Then I ran away from home. The streets seemed a safer place for me than my step-father's house.

I went to the wrong places searching for true love, but found none. By age 18 I was living with the owner of the nightclub where I went most nights after work. I worked all day and study at night since I had dropped out of high school and now I was trying to finish to get my diploma so that I could better myself. This man fathered my only daughter. He was an alcoholic and a drug addict and I new that If I didn't leave him, I was going to finish in a very bad place. I probably would not have cared, but now I had a child who needed me and I loved her more than anything in the world. I left that situation and jumped into the unknown only with my faith in God and my desire for a better future for my little girl. God presented me with an opportunity to leave my country and come to the United States when I married a US citizen.

When my little girl and I came to the USA with my husband, back in 1983, we did not speak English. It was a very frustrating time, but as you probably know frustration can be a very positive thing. It can be a catalyst for change. It has the potential to destroy you or build you up. That is something we must decide at one point or another. Whenever I am faced with a challenge, I stop and ask myself: Am I going to let something bad destroy me? or Am I going to use it to improve my life?

I had a burning desire to learn English so that I could at least help my little girl with her homework. You know that kids learn so quickly and so she was like a little sponge absorbing everything. She began speaking English way before I did. Within few months, I asked my husband that I wanted to go to school and learn so that I could go to college later on.

I began attending the English as a second language (ESL) program at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. I worked really hard because the older you get the more difficult it is to learn a second language. I really wanted to be proficient in all the skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, while my little girl attended kindergarten and began to learn English herself. By the end of the kindergarten year, she was speaking very well, but I was still having a hard time.

I used to sit and imagine myself speaking fluently and going to college in the United States way before I learned about the secret and the law of attraction. I did it like a child dreaming of being better and having things that were not supplied for me in an repressed environment .

I came from a very abusive atmosphere, surrounded by dream breakers that did not know any better and who were not able to come out of their poor

abusive mentality. Let me make clear that I only tell you about my childhood as a background information. Just to show you the power of the human spirit. Because if a poor kid from Costa Rica like me, who was abused and denied of the family support and nourishment needed to flourish into adulthood, could succeed and thrive against all odds, then you know that with God all things are possible.

After I learned enough English, then my dream took me to the next level. I took the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) which measures your ability to use and understand the English language as it is read, written, heard, and spoken in university classrooms. Just passing the TOEFL did not only gave me the confidence that I needed to face a new life as a non-traditional student, since I was already in my late thirties, in the University setting but also opened the doors for amazing things in my life. But in the meantime, my relationship with my husband deteriorated and after five years of marriage, things got complicated and we found ourselves unhappy with each other. We got divorced, and I went back to college. Another blow, but I was not going to give up. Now I was more determined to get my education and become financially independent.

I attended Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, and I graduated with a degree in Education. Yes, it took me longer than the average students, and probably twice the hard work, but in the end I not only graduated, but I did it with high above average GPA. I was more convinced than ever that if you persevere no matter what, eventually you will succeed! That was the fulfillment of my intellectual American dream: To graduate from college and become a teacher. With much effort and hard work and a lot of Mental Images of course I graduated from college in the USA, and to became a translator and Bilingual Teacher. I went on to accomplish exactly what I had imagine. But things were not meant to be easily accomplished for me. In my pursuit, I had neglected other mental and spiritual aspects of my life. It was around the time when I was almost finishing my Senior year in college that I was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. The doctors gave me no hope. Since I was struggling financially, I had decided that semester not to take the student insurance. I thought it was such bad luck. Can you imagine getting that sick without insurance in this country?

I was desperate. But again what does not kill you only has the potential to make you stronger, if you let it of course! Doctors gave me 2 years to live. My fiancée, my daughter, and I were devastated. For a while, I thought he would just walked out on me, as I had seen it in a lot of cases when people leave their partners or spouses when they get sick. But to my surprise, he did exactly the opposite. He married me despite the prognosis. Together we embarked in a journey searching for an alternative treatment that could save my life. My graduation had to be postponed for now until the following year. We went to Athens, Greece to take this treatment that everyone else considered a scam. The doctor had been accused of being a quack and my orthodox doctors were very reluctant to give this doctor any credibility. We went anyway. I had nothing to lose! This Greek doctor was the only hope I had at this point. The treatment was something I took on pure faith. We had no idea what the "serum" he gave his patients was or what was in it. We just took it in pure faith, hoping and trusting that it would work. 

Faith, Hope, Trust: Three important ingredients of successful healing.

          A man we met in Baton Rouge who had taken the treatment as well, recommended that every afternoon after coming back from taking the treatment, I lie down and listen to a Healing meditation tape that he had let me borrow. The message was exactly a guided imagery that takes one into this healing place. I would put my earphones on and would go to sleep listening to it. Another friend recommended that I recite the Psalm 23 which after a month of repeating it over and over, I learned it by heart, and today I have added the Lord's Prayer to my list of memorized prayers that are a perfect weapon for negative thinking. I still say it everyday at least once a day and before going to bed imagining myself in a place of green pastures besides tranquil waters of healing and peace.

It worked for me! Absolutely! It's like learning a foreign language: perseverance and repetition--that's one of the keys to learning anything. My mind picked it up and made it its own. Now I can retrieve it in times of distress and trouble. Try it sometimes. You will be amazed.

I believe that there is so much more to healing than we will ever figure out. One thing I know: Trust, Surrender, and Wait in Silence. "Be still and know that I Am God," said the Bible. I Invite the Holy Spirit everyday and I know that God comes and makes His dwelling within me.

As a Christian, I believe in the healing power of God through Jesus Christ. We assist our own healing when we believe and accept Him as our personal

Healer and Saviour. Healing begins inside. I had to surrender my life to Christ in order to heal my mind, my heart. I also use other natural ways to help my body heal itself. I am here because of God's Grace. I believe in His report of Victory and Healing.

I trust in Him with All my Heart despite what skeptical people think. I am here to testify to the power that is available to you when you BELIEVE and TRUSTin God. If you would like some guidance on how to do what I did, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be delighted to help you!

I have pursued independent studies in Spiritual Healing and The Bible in my desire to learn about God's Promises of Healing.

I am not here to preach but to share what I know and practice. My desire is to help people become more aware of the God-given mental powers that they can posses and use them to better themselves and succeed.

I wish YOU the BEST in Your Search for Healing, Health, and financial FREEDOM.

Have a Blessed Day, In fact MAKE it an Awesome Day!

Now, here is a little bit of information about my Personality

According to

INFP: Dreamer · Visionary · Introverted · Intrapersonal · Linguistic · Musical · Visual · Right-Brained

We all have a set of unique traits that makes us who we are.

The study of personality identifies and organizes our characteristics and behaviors in such a way as to help us better understand ourselves.

My Preferences:

There are four pairs of opposite preferences. Everybody has a greater tendency toward one preference than the other in each pair. For example, in Thinking vs. Feeling, I have a stronger tendency toward Feeling.

My Temperament:

I am Intuitive + Feeling = Known as Visionary.

People can be classified as having one of four temperaments. The idea that there are four temperaments has been around for centuries and is useful for painting a broad picture of a person. We identify temperament by a person's preference letters. For example, since I prefer Intuition (N) and Feeling (F), my temperament is NF.

My Personality Type

Personality Type is more specific than temperament. In fact, there are four personality types within each temperament, for a total of 16 distinct types. As with temperament, personality type is also identifiedby the letters of your dominant preferences. A detailed picture can be painted for each personality type.

My Mind

Add the mind to all of this. A person has a natural set of Multiple Intelligences (logical, linguistic, musical, etc.) in which they excel as well as preferred Learning Styles (auditory, visual, etc.). Further, Hemispheric Dominance (which side of your brain is utilized more often) plays a role in shaping your personality.

• I am 93% more Introverted than the average

• I am part of the minority of people who are primarily Introverted

• Males on average are slightly more Introverted than females

About Introversion

Introversion is characterized by a preference to focus on the inside world. Introverts are energized by spending time alone

or with a small group. They find large group gatherings draining because they seek depth instead of breadth of relationships. Introverts process information internally. They are great listeners and think before talking (most of the time anyway:)

Characteristics of Introversion

• Energized by time alone

• Private

• Keeps to self

• Quiet

• Deliberate

• Internally aware

• Fewer friends

• Prefers smaller groups

• Peaceful

• Independent

• Thinks before speaking

• Enjoys solitude