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Marjorie Firmin

Bilingual Tutor, Consultant & Writer

Tutora, Consultora y escritora Bilingüe

Remember the most important things in life are not necessarily the ones that we desire. 

This reminded me of the beautiful poem "Desiderata" which I dedicated to my daughter Desiree when she was born. Desiderata means "The desired things" and her name means "Desired"

Sometimes, when life weather us down, and the many situations that plagued our minds take control of our lives, we forget the most important things... It is good to take time and reflect on our lives and figure out the reason for our up and downs. I feel sad when I talk to someone I love and I am informed that they feel "funky" or "depressed." When we get depressed, we better take notice and stop whatever we are doing and reflect on the causes of our depression and sadness. Perhaps we are comparing ourselves with others. Perhaps we feel that the pressure of our obligations and our friends are overwhelming us. Perhaps we feel that we are not living up to the expectations of others, and that life is just not fair.

Here is the story of a girl that was one of the most positive and optimistic persons in her group. One day she was having a conversation with her best friend who happened to be her piano teacher, and somewhere along she said,

"Robert, you've known me for a long time. I am a die-hard positive and optimistic person. I believe in the goodness of people, in the glass half full... I tried to stay focused on the solutions and no the problems that I have to face on a daily basis. But something is bothering me lately. I feel that the good times are behind me. All the good things I saw before, is somewhere in the past. I don't know where I lost the zest for life. My life has gotten way too complicated..." Robert didn't wait, and cut her complaining right away.

"I want to share something with you," he said. "A poem I learned by heart when I was a little boy."

Robert then proceeded to proclaim "Desiderata" written in 1927 by Max Ehmann. She couldn't help it, and began to cry. Robert continue, "and there is something something more I want to share. If you could just sit quietly for a few minutes a day and contemplate on the wonders of God's creation, something miraculous will happen. I know, don't ask me how... I just know without knowing!"

And so she did what his teacher told her to do, and before she knew it, she felt like soaring... just like eagles do!

"...but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

~Isaiah 40:31 NIV

Celebrate your life. It is a beautiful adventure and the greatest journey. Look for the goodness in people. Instead of asking "What's wrong with him or her?" ask, "What's right with him or her?"