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Marjorie Firmin

Bilingual Tutor, Consultant & Writer

Tutora, Consultora y escritora Bilingüe

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A Prognosis of Death, A Quest for Healing, and Revelations

that Could Save Your Life!

What can you expect to find in this book?

This is a dramatic memoir of Holistic Healing and a life’s story rolled into one. Its title insinuates the drama contained within its pages, and the subtitle summarizes what the reader can expect to find. It offers good educational “takeaway” for anyone interested in exploring the controversial, yet powerful subject of Christian-holistic (spiritual/mental/physical) healing, for the reader or someone they know. 

Announcing my new fiction/coming of age book.

The book hit the shelves at major bookstores online in October, 2018.


Costa Rica experienced drastic changes during World War II and the immediate postwar era. Its people faced great challenges that culminated with the 1948 Civil War. This 40-day revolution changed their lives completely. It gave women the right to vote, but not the right to get pregnant and have children out of wedlock.

This is the story of one woman who lived in the midst of such changes in the 1940s, and whose oppressive upbringing forced her to join the Sisters of Charity to become a nun-nurse. Then was obligated to take a leave of absence due to an illness of the lungs. She left the convent just to be caught in the heart of the revolution where she was captured and raped by one of the ragtag soldiers. These bleak experiences, and the postwar traumatic stress changed her destiny. In 1954, single and pregnant, she escaped to a neighboring country, to a home for unwed mothers to hide her shame and avoid the scandal. The stigma of getting pregnant out of wedlock was a disgraceful affair. She could not bear the idea of being labeled as a “loose” woman, and thought seriously about an abortion, but could not imagine killing an innocent life, my life. (Click here to purchase this book)


A book of Reflections on Illness, Healing, and Spiritual Awakening

(Originally published in 2000, this book is currently unavailable. You might find some used copies still sold on I am working on a 2nd Edition)


The doctors had not given me choices, “Go home and make the best out of your life,” was the only option. There were no chemicals that would be effective. Only a new thinking on my part could possibly change the curse of an extremely lethal skin cancer. The aggressive killer had invaded my body and it was going to kill me rather quickly and painfully. To my oncologists, I was not a person anymore. I had become a statistic just a cold impersonal number.


Currently available as Paperback and eBookore

The idea for this book began when my own frustration with the meaning of the word "diva" forced me to research The Bible, and I began to think about the ideal, ordinary woman described in the book of Proverbs as the true, authentic diva... Here is a excerpt from the Introduction...

"Es del libro de Proverbios 31:10 de donde nace mi elogio a la auténtica diva—mujer fuerte y virtuosa—porque su valor sobrepasa largamente al de las piedras preciosas. Su hombre confiará en ella con todo su corazón y él no carecerá de ganancias.

Cuando leía este libro, me llamó la atención descubrir que solo dos tipos de mujeres son descritas: Las virtuosas y las odiosas. Las virtuosas son sabias y agraciadas y el hombre que logra encontrar a una de ellas lograra la generosidad de Dios. Ellas son tan escasas que se les considera mas valiosas que un tesoro. Ellas son tan poco común que “su precio es mas elevado que el de los rubíes” (Proverbios 18:22).  

¡Si muero que sea de risa! 

Libreto sobre una crisis de identidad bilingue

Currently available as a Paperback at

En realidad este libreto teatral es una fantasía bilingüe que no solo trata sobre el trastorno de identidad Múltiple que sufre una mujer Hispana que vive en Los Estados Unidos llamada Esperanza y que no puede reconciliar sus dos culturas, sus dos idiomas y sus dos visiones del mundo en una sola realidad, sino que también trata sobre la experiencia de su enfermedad terminal y su deseo de integración y curación total.